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Holder Stand For Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp (B-22 / 3-PIN Fit)

  • Infrared Lamp used for quick relief in backache. In case of chronic problem
  • Use 150W 3PIN IR Bulb to use in this Lamp for Use (Bulb Not Provided in the Pack) Superb Built Quality and Highly Durable.
  • Box Included: 1 Piece Infrared Lamp without Bulb / Base-BC 3 Pin with 1.5 Meter Power Cable.
  • Commonly Used and Very Popular Product Used in Hospital, Consulting Room, Houses and Massage, Beautification Services
  • Stimulates the sweat glands, improving the elimination of waste and as a result the cleansing of the skin

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Infra-Red Lamp is recommended as simple and an effective treatment for-
1.Muscular Pain.
2.Joint Pains & Information.
3.Back Ache. Rheumatic Pains etc.
Ifra-Red is a very effective way of administering this heat.
The Infra-Red Warms the skin and the underlying tissues in such a way that the blood vessels are dilated and the flow of blood stimulated.
The Blood bring with a substance for rebuilding and nourishing the blood tissues. As a result, the recovery proems is of speeded and the pain is soothed away.
Usage Warning.
1.Keep inflammable articles away from the range of beam. It may catch fire. Do not come in too close contact with the lamp. The safe distance in one foot.
2.Switch off the lamp before moving the movements of the burning apparatus may damage the incandescent filament.
3.While using the lamp on your face, keep your eyes closed.
4.The treated area of the skin may become dry after heating use oil on tender skin after is radiation. Guard against sudden cooling off of the treated area.
5.While the lamp is on keep the plastic bags and films away from it and ensure that they do not come in close contact with the lamp.
6.Consult your doctor before use (Recommended)

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