Stair Motion Controller 32 Steps with Movement Sensor

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  • Ideal for Home or Office Stairs
  • LED Lights not included
  • 12V/24V DC Power Supply for LED lights is required (Not included as it comes with LED Lights)
  • Automatically switch on the stair lights step wise as soon as you put your foot on first step. Works both ways going up or going down
  • Easy to install by any electrician
  • 3 Speed Control (Speed of step wise light on/off)
Stair Motion Controller 32 Steps with Movement Sensor


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Question:Can I adjust the distance of motion sensing? I donot want the motion sensor to sense motion beyond 3ft.
Answer : No

Question : Can I connect pixel led strip lights?
Answer : No….It is designed to use on single color led strips

Question : Can I adjust the distance and lux for the motion sensor?
Answer : It has two motion sensor connected via wires , you can install both as per your location…
Lux level can’t be adjusted…. You can adjust the number of steps and speed of stepping…

Question : Does it require ac to dc converter adapter?
Answer : It requires dc adapter 400 w or lesser based on watts required for led strips connected

Question : It’s can be used for 19 steps?
Answer : Yes you can set any number of steps (max 32).Refer user manual for setting

Question : Can i connect directly to power connection?
Answer : No it is DC device, you need to connect it 12 or 24V DC power supply

Question : How many LED bulb control this controller ?
Answer : It can’t control led bulb .. its is low voltage DC led controller…

Question: Data based led strip required for this?
Answer: It required only single colour strips… on/off type

Question: What all things are included with this product, i.e., does it include DC12/24V power adapter?
Answer: Product which is showing in image is available… There is no power supply and led strips in the box … You need to buy power supply qnd led strips as per site requirement

Question: Whether warranty offered if so detail pls.. standard warranty has some definition?
Answer: No warranty …and no returns applicable on this product due to technical sensitivity
but we will make sure that the product is in working condition perhaps our team will not dispatch any product without Functional testing of all channels 1 to 2 hours on products…

Question: is motion sensor include in this product?
Answer: Yes two sensors are included.

Question : Controller is18 steps ?
Answer : This is 32 steps controller, you can set any number of steps till 32 as per manual settings

I see input 12/24v. should i use 12 volt output adapter or 24 volt adapter?

Answer : Input voltage and power load depends on your connected strip load… Because you connect multiple load so it doesn’t work with adapter… (use proper power supply as per load) if you use 12V strip use 12V supply.

Question : Can we short all negative pin and connect single negative wire to LED?
Answer : Yes you can but not recommended as per neat and clean wiring


Additional information
Weight226 g
Dimensions25.5 × 20 × 7 cm
Input Voltage (VF)

DC 12V, DC 24V

Output Channels


Included Components

1 Controller, 2 Sensor, 2 Cables 5m each, Installation Manual

Country Of Origin



V K Lightings, E-mail : | Whatsapp : +91-80055-60262


Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 5, Pack of 6, Pack of 10

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2 reviews for Stair Motion Controller 32 Steps with Movement Sensor

  1. T Mallapalli

    Best sensor is worke

  2. Suresh Kumar

    Best sensor

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Product description

VEEKAYLIGHT 32CH LED Motion Sensor Controller For LED Staircase LED strip Lighting (adjustable upto 32 Steps Lighting controller)

  • Lighting for stairwell, check this 32CH motion sensor led stair lights controller, automatically sense your movements within 3 meters, the step lights come on in sequence, people go and the led stair tread lights go out.
  • The led lighting speed can be adjusted freely. The steps quantity of this LED stair controller is 32. Two motion sensors are installed on both ends of the staircase. Fast connector, easy installation.
  • The first step light connects to the "1" mark of the led controller and the second is connected to the "2" and the others so on.
  • Pay attention when installing, check the wiring first, do not have positive and negative overlap or may touch together, and ensure that there is no positive and negative short circuit before powering on
  • If the positive and negative terminals are connected to each other, it will cause burnout. And this defect not covered in warranty.

Adaptable solutions for different types of stairs
Complete equipment can be built in new buildings or existing stairs
Energy-saving LED lights and aesthetic design
Regardless of the width of the steps, the stairs can be illuminated.
The kit is easy to install and use
Lights are automatically turned on and off when needed

Automatic Staircase LED Light Controller 32 Steps with Human Movement Sensor

Don't get scared going downstairs or upstairs because you have to search for light switch? We present Automatic Staircase Lighting Controller which can on/off lights of staircase as soon as you put forward a step.. Lights of 32 Steps can be controlled using single device with only 2 sensors. This controller can: Automatic On/Off staircase lights upon human movement; Save Energy by turning off light when there is no movement; Save you from possible accidents; Provide rich look to your interior.

Package Include :

1*32 steps LED stair controller
2* motion sensors
2pcs*connector line (Red: V+, Blue: V-), for extension of wire you can use your own DC wire.
2*5m/16.4ft Induction extension cord (can be used for motion sensors)


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