RGB Controller with IR Remote for 220V RGB SMD 5050

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  • This Connection plug for Direct to RGB LED Strip with 220V connection plus the controller and remote control necessary for its control.
  • To connect it, you only have to connect it to one end of the LED strip, not forgetting to connect a PVC end cap to the other end of the strip. Once this is done, you just need to plug the end of the connection into a wall socket. By carrying the controller in the middle, once the connection is plugged in, you can now control the RGB LED strip from the supplied remote control.
  • This RGB LED Power Cord with Basic In-Line RGB Controller Powers the RGB 220V LED Strip Light while offering a single button, 16-function RGB Controller.
  • It can power up to 164 continuous feet of driverless RGB strip. It can power up to 50 continuous meter of driverless RGB strip.
  • The Driverless RGB Controller also remembers the last program chosen, even when unplugged, for easy continuous use.
3Pin SMD RGB Rope
RGB Controller with IR Remote for 220V RGB SMD 5050


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Additional information
Input Voltage (VF)

AC 220V

Output Channels


Color Temperature

LED Type

SMD 5050

PCB Width

8MM / 2OHz

Special Features

8mm Rope Plug for RGB Rope Light


Pack of 1, Pack of 10, Pack of 50, Pack of 80

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Technical Details


  • Controller Type: High Voltage Led Dimmer Controller
  • Input Voltage: AC 220-250V
  • Output Watts: Max 1500W
  • Connection mode: common anode
  • Control mode: infrared remote control
  • Type: Manual Switch
  • Application: 220V Hight Voltage 5050 RGB color change led strip light
  • Output: 3 RGB channel
  • Protect Rating: IP65

The Driverless RGB Controller has 16 Programs and includes color changing programs as follow:

  1. Super Slow Fade Multi-Color
  2. Slow Flash Multi-Color
  3. Slow Fade Multi-Color
  4. Increasing Flashing White
  5. Medium Fade Multi-Color
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Red
  9. Light Blue
  10. Yellow
  11. Purple
  12. Light Green
  13. Pink
  14. White
  15. Fast Flash Multi-Color
  16. Increasing Speed Fast Flash Multi-Color

Installation :

Connects to one end of the LED RGB Color-Changing 220VAC Strip Light, then simply plug it into an outlet or hardwire it to a switch by cutting off the plug-in end and splicing the wires.


  1. when the dynamic and static,"Brightness+""Brightness-"to adjust the
    brightness of colors
  2. dynamic time, "Speed + ""Speed -"to adjust the speed of change, to
    facilitate debugging, is
    only divided into"high speed""medium speed
    Low-speed""slowest" total four kinds of speed
  3. when used, 220V line connected to the same main line, with a remote
    control panel to adjust the same pattern and the same speed, all
    Power on the controller at the same time, we can fully synchronized
  4. dynamic static free to switch, and has a memory function, you can save
    the state before power


  1. RGB Power Supply & Controller for 220V LED Strip Light - RGB
  2. Please note that the RGB Power supply/Controller is not waterproof and needs to be housed accordingly.
  3. Max length of strip per power supply/controller: 50m
  4. Dimensions: 80 (L) x 50 (W) x 30mm (H)
  5. RGB Power supply/Controller includes a 2-pin plug and a 4-pin connector to connect the strip to the controller
  6. The button on the controller is used to select the colour or pattern required.

Package Include:
1 X LED Controller
1 X 40Key Remote

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