Narrow Width 5mm Cool White 12V IP20 120 LED Strip


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Weight81 g
Dimensions18 × 18 × 1 mm
LED Quantity

120LEDs / Mtr

Color Temperature


Power Source


Operating Voltage

DC 12V

Light Source Type


LED Type

SMD 2835

Is Waterproof

IP20 No Waterproof

Color Rendering Index


Light Direction

120 Degree

Luminous Intensity


Output Power


Average Life

50000 Hours


PCB Width

5MM / 2OHz

Sales Package

1Roll of 5Meter, 2Roll of 5Meter, 3Roll of 5Meter, 4Roll of 5Meter, 6Roll of 5Meter, 7Roll of 5Meter, 8Roll of 5Meter, 10Roll of 5Meter, 15Roll of 5Meter, 20Roll of 5Meter, 30Roll of 5Meter, 50Roll of 5Meter


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VEEKAYLIGHT LED Strip Light Narrow Width 5mm, 16.4ft/5M 600 LEDs 12V Non-Waterproof SMD 2835 Flexible LED Tape for Bedroom Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Decoration (Cool White 6500K, 1Roll x 5Meter)

Flexible: The flexible LED light strip can be bent arbitrarily, making corner installation a breeze, you can install it wherever you want.
Cuttable: You can cut the light strips between every 3 LEDs along the cutting line without damaging the other strips.
Touchable: The working voltage of this LED light strip is 12V, which is lower than the safe voltage of 36V, the heat generation is low, and it is safe and touchable.
Dimmable: The brightness of the strip light is adjustable. You can buy a controller to adjust the brightness of the strip light.
Non-waterproof: This light strip is non-waterproof, indoor use only. Without polyester resin material covering the PCB, it is of better heat dispersion and light-admitting quality.

Installation Steps
1.Clean the flat surface where the light strip is to be installed;
2.Peel the backing strip from the adhesive tape;
3.Press the light strip firmly on the surface to be installed;
4.Connect the DC connector of the light strip to the power supply(power is not included).

Kindly Noted
1.This product does not include a power adapter and controller. you need to buy them yourself.
2.Supply voltage of this product is DC12V, never connect to DC 24V or AC220V.
3.Never connect two wires directly in case of short circuit.
4.Please unroll them for heat dissipation when testing more than 2 minutes.
5.Recommend to use 12V 3A power adapter/16.4ft

LED Type: 2835 SMD Cool White LED Strip Lights
Quantity of LED: 600 LEDs
Color Temperature: 6000-6500K
Luminous flux: 2000lm
Voltage: DC 12V
IP Rating: Non-Waterproof (IP20)
Packages: 16.4Ft/Roll
Dimension (mm): 5000(L) X 4 (W)

Package included
16.4' 2835 Non-Waterproof Cool White LED Strip(Power adapter not included)

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