VEEKAYLIGHT Infrared Bulb 150W / 230V (Base- BC 3 Pin)

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  • Fits in 3 – PIN Holder only (Check Holder before Buying this bulb)
  • Fits in BC 3 Pin infrared heat therapy lamp model
  • Backache : gives quick relief in backache. In case of chronic problem, it is advisable to consult your doctor.
  • Bruises and Sprains : In the case of accidents, use Infrared after 12 hrs. Of accident, it helps to improve blood circulation resulting in to faster healing & quick relief from pain.
  • Rheumatic pain : Most common problem specially in old age, one can feel the difference after using Infrared, as it gives quick relief from pain.
infrared lamp for pain
VEEKAYLIGHT Infrared Bulb 150W / 230V (Base- BC 3 Pin)
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