I R LAMP | Heat Therapy Infrared Pain Relief Lamp

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  • L=173mm,W=173mm,H=245mm (Included 1 pc of Infrared Bulb 150W / 230V / E27 )
  • Backache : Infrared gives quick relief in backache. In case of chronic problem, it is advisable to consult your doctor.
  • Bruises and Sprains : In the case of accidents, use Murphy Infrared after 12 hrs. Of accident, it helps to improve blood circulation resulting in to faster healing & quick relief from pain.
  • Rheumatic pain : Most common problem specially in old age, one can feel the difference after using Murphy Infrared, as it gives quick relief from pain.
  • Other Applications : Such as relief from pain & infection of Wound, Infrared skin, Boil, teeth extraction, Insect bites. Also useful in Loss of hair, Massage, Beauty treatment & various treatments for Pet animals.


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InfraRed Lamp for Pain Relief Therapy Red Light Therapy Lamp IR Lamp – A Natural Way for Healing and Beauty with 150W Infrared Bulb Included.

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3 reviews for I R LAMP | Heat Therapy Infrared Pain Relief Lamp

  1. Barkha Sengupta

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent Product
    Good product at Good Price. Quality is also good. Unlike Other brand which is double the price.

  2. K JAIN

    Verified Purchase

    It contains a 150 watt infrared bulb. Small in comparison with 250 watt available in market. But sufficient heat6and does its job.

  3. Abi V S

    Verified Purchase

    Great deal
    Value for money

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