Orders and Deliveries and the COVID-19 virus

Where's My Order

1. Can I place an order? Will you deliver the package?
As per latest Government order, we are not delivering any products in any Zones. We will continue to deliver as soon as all Central, State and local authorities come in synchronization to expedited processes to make deliveries of products possible.
2. Is my order safe with you ? Will you deliver the package?
Yes your order is completely safe with us. In the meantime we properly test the products since there is less work in our warehouses we are packing all orders with more safety (although we follow  same process in normal times) create invoices label them with your shipping addresses and keep them in safe racks and wait for the right time to come.
3.Thank you Note to all our esteemed clients
We are really very grateful to all our clients who have put so much trust and patience in these tough times. we would like to share that many clients have placed us orders during first lock down period and have never sent as a single E-mail regarding status of there orders . we would like to tell you that your orders are completely is safe hands and we will deliver it with utmost care when times are favorable.

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