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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of placing orders in these exceptional circumstances ?
You are getting an advantages of freezing your orders on old prices till our inventories last which will definitely going to rise in Post-COVID era due to supply chain mismanagement.
I have open Pay-on-Delivery orders. What will happen?
We are taking social distancing seriously during this most sensitive period of the COVID-19 crisis to ensure health and safety of our customers, and delivery partners. Hence, as a precautionary measure, (as 27-03-2019) we are temporarily suspending Pay-on-Delivery option on, to avoid card/cash exchange at the doorstep during delivery. We are also cancelling all unshipped/in-transit Pay-on-Delivery customer orders as a result.
What happens to existing orders that haven’t shipped out / yet to be scheduled /pending pick up and which is part of dispatch list?
We have given customers the option to cancel these orders. If they cancel, then these orders will be removed from your pending orders. If they choose to not cancel, then these orders will remain in priority pending list and we will try to fulfill these orders on “highest priority” when a reliable delivery option is possible. In addition, we can also choose to cancel any orders that we are unable to fulfill.
What are the cancellation charges ?
If customer place a request for cancellation 2.5 or 3 Percent payment gateway charges will be deducted depending on the type of gateway used at the time of booking orders..
What if we cancel any order ?
If we cancel any order that we were not able to fulfill no charge will be deducted full refund will be issued and you will not have to do anything from your end.

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