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Latest Reviews

These channel strips work as described, great product.
These work just as described. The LED strips fit perfectly in there and defuse the light just slightly with the frosted lens (also hides the led strip really good.

Ravi / Ranjan

Bright. Efficient. Economical. Easy to install
Nice bright lights. I just laid them above my kitchen cabinets. Very energy efficient too.

Kamlesh / Verma

Worth the price!
I just received Material aluminium with Milky acrylic. solid aluminum design that can be cut to length available in 2Metres size build quality is awesome.
I am happy with the product!

HariRam / Balasbramanian

Awesome product no issue foundVery good product I am fully satisfied after using two years I am giving the review it is working daily and today also working no issue good light.

T Joseph / Jamson

Perfect Solution
Easy to install and bright enough provide the right amount of illumination to cover my cars. My neighbors liked it so much that they are planning to buy some to replace their old flood lights.

Rajdeep / Jadhav

Great lights and easy to mount!
Love these lights. I have four of them for our backyard. Gets dark early this time of year and the kids can now play at night!
Very bright and had a wide range of light. Highly recommend these lights.

Kamlesh / Varma

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